Updated: Jul 23, 2019


This is my very first blog/newsletter and I’ve been a little concerned about what topic would be suitable as I have zero experience in writing. It only makes sense to start by explaining my opinions on soap and what my first goal was… The science behind it could be the next chapter.

As a society, we're becoming increasingly educated about healthy lifestyles and the benefits of using natural ingredients. Finally, at 30-ish (ssshhhh), I have started to pay attention. Maybe it’s down to motherhood or the fact that fine lines have been appearing and becoming more noticeable!

There was a long time, before my mad passion for soap-making, when I avoided bars of soap, mainly because, like a few people, I’ve had experiences with soap where they leave skin feeling tight and far too squeaky clean, eventually resulting in dryness. Who wants that?

I decided to focus my attention on creating bars of soap that were cleansing, yet extremely hydrating for everyone. Most of the ingredients picked are suitable for all skin types; they’re light, absorb quickly but importantly don’t clog pores. It was essential for me to be able to produce an all in one type of bar and, after some testing with willing (human) guinea pigs, my Green Tea & Juniper bar has hit that spot.

Some other exciting additions to the soap range are ground Charcoal (removes toxins/dead skin), Clay (cleansing + leaves skin silky smooth), Aloe Vera (soothing) and Oats (exfoliator with anti-inflammatory properties); all of which create unique bars of soap and they all have particular benefits which I can focus on another time.

Everyone warned me to not create too many types of soap as it will leave people overwhelmed with the choice, but I couldn’t help myself… I have never really liked sacrifices and thought to myself “why should I limit the choice of good nourishing products?” Everybody is unique and we all have different needs. If I can make a useful skincare range for as many people as possible, then that’s what I will aim to do.

Christina x