Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Juniper Berries are berries, right? Wrong. They're actually tiny pine cones with collapsed scales giving them the appearance of a berry. They start to grow on the 50 different types of Juniper Bushes as a green colour and can take up to 2 years to ripen to a blue/black colour as seen above.

Long before Juniper Berries were used in food (& Gin!), the Ancient Greeks used them for medicinal benefits. Some say they even used them in Olympic events as they believed it helped increase stamina.

Two of our bars contain Juniper essential oil for several reasons; of course the crisp and woody scent plays a large part in creating our unique blends, however some studies have shown that they have many therapeutic benefits. It is known to be a stimulant and can combat dizziness, reduce tension, fatigue and even depression. Not only that, but it can help reduce inflammation and soothe skin conditions.


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