Lavender & Frankincense Relaxing Bath Soak



  • Nothing beats this natural soothing coconut milk bath soak. Our Lavender & Frankincense Relaxing Bath Soak will turn your bath experience into pure tranquility, making it the perfect treat to help give you a good nights sleep. 


    The combination of coconut milk and oatmeal hydrates and softens skin, leaving skin feeling smooth and smelling beautiful. 


    Our blend of lavender, frankincense and bergamot essential oils will help worries drift away.


    This product is vegan and supplied in glass bottles (250g).


    A little more about our ingredients: 


    Coconut Milk is a great natural moisturiser for the skin as it provides essential fatty acids, vitamins and anti-oxidants that protect skin from dryness and soothes skin. 


    Oats protect skin from irritations, inflammation, itchy skin and dryness.

    Epsom Salts are known to help aching muscles and can even relieve cold symptoms. 


    Dead Sea Salt contains 21 minerals which help to retain nourishment, detoxify and cleanse. 


    Cornflower Petals & Lavender Buds provide anti-inflammatory properties that help to calm, cool and tone.   


    Bergamot Oil is uplifting, warm, invigorating, with antiseptic and anti-depressant properties. 


    Frankincense Oil relieves stress and anxiety. 


    English Lavender Oil added for it's calming and soothing aroma. 

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